Differences Between a Full Wrap, a Partial Wrap and Spot Graphics

Full Wrap

Full wraps offer complete coverage, covering the entire vehicle including cars, vans and trucks, however, larger vehicles such as fleet trucks, the roofs are not generally wrapped for they are not easily seen by the public. With full wraps, every aspect of every square inch of the car can be covered excluding the tires but including the windows which are wrapped with perforated vinyl.

  • More exposure
  • Attention grabbing look
  • Very effective advertising option
  • Vehicle protection against weather elements

Partial Wrap

Ranging from ¼ of a wrap to ¾ of a wrap, partial wraps are a mixture between full wraps and decals for they only cover the most visible parts of the vehicle, such as the hood, the driver and passenger doors, or the back-end of the vehicle.

  • High ROI
  • Attention grabbing look
  • Effective advertising option
  • Affordable

Spot Graphics

Spot graphics also called auto decals are simply large vinyl stickers one can place anywhere on the vehicle. Inherently spot graphics cover only small parts of the vehicle. Spot graphics can be custom cut to shapes and thus they make a great choice for displaying logos.

  • Effective exposure
  • Big return for the buck
  • Extremely affordable, almost cost negligible
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